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Sunday, December 6, 2009

2008 Donnie Smith Bike show Celebrity Pictures

John Kosmoski, Creator & owner of House of Kolor -master custom painter & myself.

Myself with the King of Flames-master custom painter- custom bike builder, Dave Perewitz.


  1. Mark,
    At least you got to see the masters...but if I remember correctly, your own work is pretty good as well.
    Hey something gone wrong on your MR.M blog...it keeps sliding sideways when loading...check it out. I am back and well now and want to read what you had to say during my temporary sick leave.
    Keep well

  2. Baron's Life,

    Thanks for the compliment. And thanks for the heads up on my Mr. Motorcycle Blog. I'll check it out to se what's up and hopefully fix it right away.