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Sunday, December 6, 2009

2008 Donnie Smith Bike show Celebrity Pictures

John Kosmoski, Creator & owner of House of Kolor -master custom painter & myself.

Myself with the King of Flames-master custom painter- custom bike builder, Dave Perewitz.

Biker jacket custom paint

Scallops on Chevy S-10 pick up truck

Close up

Layin out some flames on a tank

Gettin ready to air brush.....

Shiny, Glass like finish, Color shifting, Ghost flames.

All Photography on this post was shot by Pegasus Photography.

Below is me on my bike with an older Ghost flame paint job that I did a few years back.

Note: The Ghost Effect. In the photo above, you see your base color, in this case Classic Gloss Black. You can't see any of the custom paint unless the light hits it just right.

Below is what the custom paint looks like when the light hits it at different angles. These were representative of just two of the colors this particular paint shifted.
I shot this paint job with "Mystic". Mystic shifts a full spectrum of color.

Wicked guitar.

This one was done with Pearl White paint and Charcoal Sides, and a Black Pinstripe for the borders on front and back.

Yeah, I did the guitar Fab on the body too.

Dodge Charger Pinstriping